Quotes I have brought my two kids (14 and 10) to Elena for homeopathic consultations, as both needed a different look - work with psychologists hasn't yielded any tangible improvements. Daughter needed support in terms of confidence and openness to speak while son was experiencing issues at school by being too active, having issue with authority, not replying etc. Elena talk to them in order to find their individualizes homeopathic remedies. After taking those remedies just once, both have improved and continue getting better and I know and feel we are headed in the right direction. I believe that in today's world, where everything is atomized and expected to be instantaneous, our bodies and minds still need to be looked at from holistic perspective. If you are open to holistic approaches, I would strongly recommend Elena to help you on your path. Quotes
Holistic approach

Quotes I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and in an effort to minimize the number of anti-inflammatory drugs that I consume I have been to a number of therapists. Elena's work has been the only therapy that has enabled me to achieve this. The combination of reiki, shiatsu and acupressure, done gently when necessary in respect of my condition, has brought a lot of relief. Elena is a natural and intuitive healer. I do not know of any other therapist who works with such integrity and genuine concern for her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a therapist. Quotes

Quotes I have been suffering from chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain. I have consulted doctors and had different treatments in past. Amongst them are Swedish massages, which although quite nice and relaxing, did little for my pain. Then I had treatments with Elena. After one session of acupressure, I was a convert. I felt better than I did in a long time. It was amazing how pressing on the right pressure points could relieve pain and even pin point to the origin of the problem. Later on I tried shiatsu. At the end of shiatsu treatment, Elena uses a technique called Tsubo treatment, which gives the sensation of low amount of electricity leaving your extremities. For lack of better words, I can only describe this as pain and tension literally leaving your body. In my opinion acupressure and shiatsu are very sophisticated and superior treatments and we have the expertise of Elena right here in Montreal. She is very knowledgable and has a healing hand. 100% recommend Elena. Quotes
G, a very satisfied patient

Quotes Elena is an amazing therapist. She can zone into where the discomfort is in the body and release it. She is absolutely gifted. I have had many sessions with her and I always feel so much better after a treatment. Looking forward to my next session with her. Quotes
Therapeutic Touch Therapist

Quotes I have suffered from chronic tendinitis since 2004. Over the last few years I have seen many specialists to help with the pain, and have received various types of treatment, such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, active release therapy and many others, all with little improvement. Elena's approach in treating my tendinitis was a combination of reiki, shiatsu, and accupressure. After the first session, I felt a noticeable relief: the tension lessened, the muscles loosened up, and to my astonishment, I slept without any pain for the first night in a long while. The pain eventually came back, but it was nowhere as severe as it was before. After only three sessions of therapy the improvement was quite significant and the pain was greatly reduced. I am so grateful to Elena, and would recommend her services with no hesitation. She is a gifted, knowledgeable, and caring individual, and very passionate about what she does. Thank you for all your help and support, Elena! Quotes

Quotes CONVINCING RESULTS: The course of acupoints massage by Elena was more than impressive; My blood pressure had stabilized for the first time in many years. Sporadic pain attacks that usually come with high blood pressure disappeared. I sleep better at night. I am grateful to Elena for her professional approach in the art of therapeutic massage. Quotes
Dr. I.G.

Quotes Elena is a gifted healer in energy medicine. She has a vast array of treatment modalities at her disposal and she really knows what she's doing. Highly recommended! Quotes
Satisfied client

Quotes I received treatment for stiff neck, shoulder pain and headaches. The result was extraordinary. I will never go anywhere else. The knowledge is impressive and treatment is right on target. I specifically recommend acupressure and Tao Shiatsu. If you have never tried them, do so. Quotes
Satisfied client

Quotes I have taken three sessions so far with Elena and I have never been disappointed. I have seen many therapists especially for the last ten years but her sessions are very different from others. I had lived with a very bad shoulder pain, which sometimes lead to neck pain and headache. She saved my life. She is the best therapist I ever had. She is knowledgeable, scientific, attentive and professional. Her quality sessions had reduced my pain. I was very impressed when I took the first session. I also had a bad cold at the same time, but not only she improved my pain but also improved my whole body and it was during the first session! She is very caring, kind and attentive which made me very comfortable during the sessions. I plan to see her on regular basis to maintain my health. Quotes

Quotes I received energy healing (Reiki) a few times from Elena. During the treatments and after I had wonderful feelings: very relax and peaceful, I felt the flow of energy in my body. Thank you very much! Quotes
Satisfied patient