What to expect from a homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathy does not treat symptoms, it treats the whole person. If you take 10 people with the same condition, all 10 would receive different remedies, according to the person's state. Body, mind and emotions are all expressions of this state, or individual experiences of life. Each person has a different experience of life and therefore expresses their dis-ease or experience of being unwell differently. Homeopathy treats this individual state rather than the pathology or diagnosed illness.

Step 1. Initial Homeopathic assessment - Your first visit usually lasts 1- 2 hours and will allow you to fully describe yourself and your symptoms in your own words, as well as to share your problems and concerns. All your information will be strictly confidential. Another appointment would be scheduled, if needed. The challenge for the homeopath is in listening, without judgement or prejudice, to the state of the individual fully in order to be able to understand the dynamic of that particular and individual state of dis-ease. Homeopathy is the most finely tuned instrument of intervention available to an individual, and requires that the practitioner understands fully the complexities of the human being's consciousness and emotions and their relationship to their state along with the dynamic processes that contribute to both dis-ease and wellness.

Step 2. Thorough and detailed analysis of your information by a homeopath

The reason the physician spends so much time with a patient trying to collect all possible information about their history and symptoms is that the homeopath must choose one medicine (from around 3500) that matches the picture the symptoms paint the best. Once the homeopath can hear the full expression of the patient and did the thorough and detailed analysis of this expression, then the selection of the remedy that is most similar to that expression and state would be possible. Due to the complexity of human nature and patterns of the disease, this is a very complex process. There is no homeopathic physician who can find the right remedy every time.

Step 3. Prescription of the homeopathic remedy

The homeopathic remedy operates as a sort of "tuning fork" for the organism. It will resonate with the imbalance in the individual triggering the organism to come back into balance, and therefore to health. Because homeopathy acts on the whole person, when a best match remedy is selected, we see changes in the whole individual, not just in their initial complaint, but also in every aspect of their lives, and on every level of their being, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Step 4. Follow-up visits

A good remedy will initiate a healing process within your body. Your progress will be monitored via monthly follow-up visits with a 30-60 min duration. The number of follow-ups will depend on your condition and individual response to the remedy.